This new ______ suggests the newest finances therefore the ______ authorizes expenses and you can determines just how incomes was received

This new ______ suggests the newest finances therefore the ______ authorizes expenses and you can determines just how incomes was received

5. By usually creating appropriations will act as narrowly that one can, Congress attempts to an effective. remind particular procedures on personal markets. b. nullify the president’s expert to manage certain federal software. c. reduce bureaucratic red-tape. d. slow down the opportunity that president will take action the right to impound.

six. ______ revolutionized the federal funds processes and you will improved presidential electricity. an effective. The newest Impoundment Control Work b. The fresh new Hatch Act c. The fresh Funds and you can Accounting Operate d. The us government Performance and you can Performance Operate

seven. Top-down budgeting is different from bottom-up cost management because the previous a great. explores the big picture. b. stresses incrementalism. c. is targeted on how big is for each and every agency’s bit of the whole than the any alternative firms found. d. is targeted on change as opposed to the whole finances at the same time.

8. Management by the expectations and you will zero-feet budgeting is a great. techniques to reform incrementalism. b. funds appropriations tips. c. methods of broadening legislative power. d. type of legislative consent.

nine. Ahead of 1921, ______ provided the primary leadership for the government budget techniques. a great. the fresh judiciary b. brand new chairman c. Congress d. companies

ten. Doing a beneficial biennial funds and enacting a healthy-budget constitutional amendment a good. was indeed process accompanied to help you change this new finances process. b. is actually potential selection to possess reforming the newest budgetary procedure. c. was basically dismissed because of the teachers since naive information. d. was in fact ignored by the Congress as the naive info.

twelve. The newest Federal Reserve protects the cash also provide, an obligation known as apensatory economics. b. financial policy. c. financial policy. d. zero-ft budgeting.

13. New display of your own federal budget one to Congress in addition to president can also be conveniently changes (control) in any given seasons went away from 66 percent within the 1965 so you can ______ per cent in ’09. a beneficial. 78 b. 18 c. thirty-five d. 58

14. Good congressional ______ commits money to have purchasing, and you may congressional ___ do programs and put restrictions with the sum of money one to are going to be spent. a beneficial. surplus; deficits b. authorization; appropriations c. economic coverage; financial policies d. appropriation; authorizations

15. Congress primarily uses legislative regulation and you can ______ so you can keep back government discretion. an excellent. limitations into the manager impoundment b. uncontrollable expenses c. a black budget d. line-item vetoes

18. The greater the fresh federal deficit, more of government funds need to be dedicated in order to repaying interest. an excellent. True

20. The brand new Impoundment Manage Operate was designed to prevent the terrible punishment out-of impoundment power from the President George W. Plant.

New circulate of money regarding bureaucracy provides a tool to have controlling the utilization of authorities programs

22. This new government budget can be like county and regional spending plans having a similar level of tips so you can experience deficits and same level of financial expert one county and regional governments carry out. good. True b. False

step 1. Rather than antique personal management and that worried about ______ since the unit away from research, implementation knowledge work with___________. an effective. bureaus; teams and employers b. agencies; programs and also the efficiency they write c. resources; limited preemption and show d. regulations; costs because they compare to the private markets

step 3. Most of the after the situations can impede profitable implementation Except an effective. backward mapping. b. standard suspicion. c. inadequate info. d. bumpy leadership.

The brand new classic case of earliest budgeting: “About what basis will it be chose to spend some x cash to activity A beneficial rather than activity B?

4. The following the end up in the class out-of business dilemmas one to swayed system achievements But a beneficial. offering a generally services service regulating obligations. b. send mapping. c. relegating a program so you’re able to an unsympathetic company. d. splitting related apps certainly one of different businesses.

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