Demolition Services

With a vast amount of experience, we offer a wide variety of demolition Services. These demolition services include domestic and commercial demolition and much more. See a list of our services below. If you have any queries, please get in touch via our contact page. here.


– Temporary Works Coordinator
– Factories
– Warehouses
– Garages
– Residential properties
– Farm Buildings
– Bridges
– Churches
– Site Clearances
– Land Reclamation


– Complete or Partial Demolitions
– Residential Houses/Bungalows
– Garages

As well as offering our services to many different business sectors, we also offer many different techniques. We provide free quotes for all jobs – at this stage we will also inform you of which technique we would recommend in order to get the job done properly.

Salvaged Materials

At Merthyr Salvage, Reclamation and Demolition, we are always looking to salvage all sorts of materials. When performing demolition jobs, we are always aware of the reusable materials available.  We make the process as efficient as possible, ensuring that usable materials do not go to waste.

Floor by Floor Deconstruction

Floor by Floor Deconstruction is a method used when structures are no longer usable and there are obstacles nearby preventing other approaches. This technique is used when a building is too high to reach with high reach equipment, and there is other building nearby preventing an explosive demolition. Deconstructing the building floor by floor is the best method to use in this scenario.

Demolition/Remote Demolition

This is our most popular service. We operate mainly in South Wales and the South West of England, but we’re happy to offer our services nationally. We work regularly with commercial clients, industrial organisations, local authorities, housing developers and private individuals.

Bulk Excavation/Ground Works

We provide an extensive excavation service for all manner of clients, both domestic and commercial.

– Grab lorry hire

– Our own land fill site

– Plant hire

– Crusher hire

Please see below for some examples of our past work.

To get in touch, please give us a call on 01685 375406, or leave an enquiry at our contact page by clicking here.


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