The Project: New Summerhouse,  Built by one of our customers.

Merthyr Salvage, Reclamation and Demolition supplied some of the materials used in this fantastic looking summerhouse. The Rustic Natural Stone Cladding has created a stylish veneer, which has been fitted seamlessly.

As this is made from natural stone, it bears all the form and character of a dry-stone wall. Stone cladding is often available in all different colours. For use inside and out. It can easily change the character of a home.  The Slate fire hearth provides real charm to the room, and fits in with the natural stone cladding.

The benefit’s of using reclaimed floorboard’s:

  • The floor board’s in older buildings would have expanded and contracted constantly over the years and would have fully dried out. This makes them more durable and less prone to warping and splitting.   
  • One of the most important aspects of reclaimed timber is its character, Every section has its own story and no two pieces are identical. giving depth and unique character to where it situates.
  • Using Reclaimed Items is often cheaper than buying new materials.

We do love to see projects completed, using materials which we supply. If you have any images of projects which you have completed please send them to us!

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