The Project: Vaughan Family Potato Farm, Leominster

Demolition procedure:  The site consisted of one two-storey outhouse, which, when audited, was found to be constructed of steel, clay-bearing red brick, slate, and a variety of timber.  Based on a preliminary canvass of the site, Merthyr Salvage and Reclamation were able to make decisions as to the relevancy of materials found on site, and an estimated valuation on the resale value of these materials.

Once the co-ordinated demolition of the site was instigated, the team at Merthyr Salvage, Reclamation and Demolition were able to ascertain which materials to reclaim, and subsequently went ahead and processed the site in search of other materials such as broken bricks, stone and concrete to use as hard core.  Hard core materials were processed to ensure their suitability by checking that the materials were clean and free from old plaster and clay, which could present a capillary path for moisture to permeate the hard core, resulting in cracked or lifted concrete above the infill.

Reclamation materials: Materials found on site were as follows:


Red brick



Materials that were reclaimed for re-sale purposes were the Welsh slate roof tiles, and timber floorboards.


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