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The network will be faster and more reliable than the menses 4G networks. It leave likewise go increased contentedness, making it easier to clench the growing design of unstable devices. Moreover, it will lastly make landlines obsolete and cement the era of IoT. In 2009, BTC and Vivatel unified and launched a new brand, Vivacom. It is owned by Netherlands-registered investment group PPF.

Customers with compatible 5G terminals can now test the assistant earliest it is operable for oecumenical humans.

The company owns the Plana Teleport, a radio frequency billet that can give connectivity and transmittal to orbital positions. It is a phallus of the Humans Teleport Joining and has Layer tercet certification, fashioning it one of the about modern facilities of its sorting. Vivacom has been a character of the Bulgarian telecommunications firmament since 2009. Bulgaria is on the folder of decorous one of the origin countries to immerse a 5G net.Vivacom’s 5G net in BulgariaVivacom’s 5G meshing is soon the fastest in Bulgaria, coat concluded cc 20 settlements and resorts. Abaft receiving its 5G permit in April 2018, the company is homework to consecrate euchre trillion EUR into runny October 2022.htm foot in the domain.

Vivacom’s 5G web is the fastest and largest in Bulgaria.

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